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Steven Tal Young



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Attorney Tal Young

Mr. Young, the principal and owner of Tal Young, P.C., has been a farmer, a cattle rancher, and has worked in the oil fields of New Mexico, has worked for an electric cooperative, has travelled worldwide and is a published international mountaineering photographer.

Mr. Young is licensed to practice law in all state and federal courts in New Mexico and Colorado including the New Mexico Court of Appeals, the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has represented clients nationwide, having participated in federal and state cases in multiple jurisdictions, engaged in bankruptcy cases on behalf of creditors and debtors in United States Bankruptcy Court nationwide and has led oral arguments in the Supreme Court.

Tal Young, P.C. has extensive experience representing individuals, limited liability companies, corporations and financial institutions in various matters in jurisdictions across the country, including New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, New York and California, has appeared in the United States Bankruptcy Court in multiple jurisdictions nationwide and has been appointed by the Court as counsel on behalf of the Official Unsecured Creditor Committee in multiple Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.

Mr. Young’s varied and extensive background and “real world” work experience have afforded him the opportunity to understand the day-to-day operations of many industries and the inner workings which lead to their success or which may have contributed to their failure. His experience and association with foreign countries and their jurisdictions has given him an understanding of international foreign affairs. This profile has given him a unique experience.

Mr. Young has been recognized by multiple national professional organizations and international publications as a top litigator in a career spanning almost three decades. Most recently, he was selected “Super Lawyer” for the month of October 2019 by the internationally circulated London based Lawyer Monthly Magazine. He was recognized by American Registry as America’s most honored lawyers top 5% for 2020, was chosen as a “Lawyers of Distinction” with recognized excellence in Civil Litigation for 2020, and was selected as one of America’s “Top 100” High Stakes Litigators for the year 2020, meant to identify and highlight the accomplishments of the nation’s most esteemed and skilled High-Stakes Business Litigators.

Despite the above, Mr. Young’s rural upbringing has allowed him to remain grounded in New Mexico. He continues to represent individuals and small businesses throughout the state in various probate and wills and estate disputes, construction, real estate litigation and real estate nondisclosure matters, and provides bankruptcy solutions and general civil and business representation.