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State Court Proceedings

Tal Young, P.C. also represents individuals, limited liability companies, corporations and financial institutions in State Court proceedings. Such cases have led to Tal Young, P.C. engaging in appellate representation and oral argument before the Supreme Court.

Tal Young, P.C. recently represented a national supplier in state court proceedings after the supplier had been treated unfairly with respect to a multi-million-dollar public works project. Tal Young, P.C. brought common law claims against various entities for conduct which resulted in his client losing the benefit of a contract to supply fixtures to the project. Tal Young, P.C. appealed to the New Mexico Court of Appeals after an incorrect adverse ruling in State Court dismissing his client’s legitimate claims. The Court of Appeals overturned the State Court based on Tal Young, P.C.’s briefing. The opposing parties petitioned the Supreme Court for certiorari to review the reversal. After successful oral argument which culminated in the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Tal Young, P.C.’s client, Tal Young, P.C. was successful in negotiating a large settlement which completely satisfied his client’s claims.