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Real Estate Nondisclosure Disputes in Albuquerque

New Mexico firm assists buyers who were not notified of property defects

Property owners in New Mexico are required to disclose known material defects prior to engaging in a real estate transaction. However, key information is often omitted or overlooked by sellers, which can trigger a major conflict about who is liable for damages related to the undisclosed problem. At Tal Young, P.C. in Albuquerque, I have extensive experience representing residential and commercial purchasers in actions alleging nondisclosure. With over three decades of experience, I have helped clients obtain the relief they are entitled to under the New Mexico Real Estate Disclosure Act. Whether your case relates to structural issues, property misrepresentations, code violations, water damage, mold or any other significant flaw, my firm can advise you of your rights and vigorously pursue a fair result for you.

Experienced attorney provides detailed advice on nondisclosure claims

With more than 30 years handling disputes over residential and commercial real estate disputes, I have a detailed understanding of the parties’ rights and obligations in these matters as well as how confidentiality agreements might affect the process. During a free initial consultation, I can explain how answers to questions like these apply to your situation:

  • When must the disclosure occur? Under state law, the disclosure should be given to the buyer before the execution of a purchase contract.
  • What must be included in the disclosure? In addition to requiring standard assurances about material defects in the property’s condition, New Mexico requires that home sellers obtain property tax information from the county assessor and give that information to the buyer.
  • What types of information do not give rise to a nondisclosure claim? State law specifically relieves sellers of any responsibility to tell purchasers that a crime had been committed in the home. Likewise, no liability exists if an owner does not notify a prospective buyer that a resident was infected with HIV.

My real estate litigation firm successfully resolves complex nondisclosure disputes by conducting a thorough cost analysis and engaging experts to pinpoint the damages. I will give you the honest, knowledgeable counsel you need to determine if a claim exists because a property seller has violated the state’s disclosure law.

Contact a Albuquerque real estate dispute lawyer for a free initial consultation

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