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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – Construction Overseas Collection

While Tal Young, P.C. has experience in many jurisdictions across the United States, Tal Young, P.C.’s experience has allowed him to participate in recovery efforts worldwide.

Tal Young, P.C. continues to represent the principal creditor in Chapter 11 proceedings involving collection of assets in the Pacific Rim. Tal Young, P.C.’s client was the principal creditor in Chapter 11 proceedings involving a construction consulting contract with a large multifaceted Malaysian company. Tal Young, P.C. analyzed the claims against the debtor, evaluated his client’s position, was successful in having the Court appoint an international insolvency attorney as examiner, subordinated the claims of other creditors to that of his client, and spearheaded arbitration in Singapore when the company defaulted on its obligation to the debtor. Tal Young, P.C. was successful in engaging London based international council with offices in Singapore to arbitrate a multimillion-dollar verdict against the company before the Singapore International Arbitration Committee.

Tal Young, P.C. was the only creditor attorney authorized by the Court to participate in the proceedings. The corporation was forced into the Malaysian legal process of “wind up” as a result of the proceedings.